During the summer of 2015 WoodsWay Kennel received a very unique request. A gentleman contacted us looking for a special setter he could use for a program called "Home with Heroes." He explained that this program was created to help military veterans, often with wartime disabilities, transition back to domestic lifestyles using outdoor recreation as a means of healing and therapy. This program was also designed to recognize their bravery and sacrifice and show our sincere gratitude for their services to our country. After several conversations, we couldn't help but feel completely honored to have been contacted for one of our dogs. We were able to find the perfect match for their program with a special setter by the name of "Blaze." Blaze has adjusted to the Home with Heroes program like a true champ. His diligence, work ethic and desire please made him an instant favorite. We were so touched to hear of his experiences and triumphs that we have decided to commit ourselves to the Home with Heroes program. Pearson Farms LLC will proudly be hosting a pheasant hunt in the fall of 2016 here at the Gilles SpoonRiver Preserve. We could not think of a more appropriate way to acknowledge their heroic sacrifice by offering our resources in complete gratitude.


    "Home with Heroes exists to bring veterans together in the outdoors to honor and thank them for their service. We never forget their sacrifice. We forever show our gratitude." (From the Homes with Heroes website).

    Click here to visit the home with heroes website.